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We believe boots on the ground in developing countries is the best way to solve the problems. That's why we decided to forge ahead and open liaison offices so that we can have a better understanding of the problems and are part of, the local culture.
The result: is a solution tailored to the needs of each community, with a combination of first world technology simplified and customized to alleviate the basic problems in developing countries.

-With boots on the ground, we are better positioned to understand and navigate social, political, and economic issues impacting our projects.

-Being a locally-based partner makes us more savvy at leveraging local financial resources for cost-sharing in projects.

-We use local expertise exists to implement projects, in turn creating jobs and helping the less fortunate earn a living and live with dignity.

-Working with a local workforce  is more cost effective than maintaining expatriate staff.

-We constantly search for and use our expertise and funds for projects in the most vulnerable areas.