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Safe & Clean Drinking Water
Bringing safe, clean drinking water close to people’s homes and to victims of disaster — in short, to anywhere it is needed around the world — is the key to reversing the endless cycle of misery that affects so many people. Making clean water accessible is the key to transforming communities and preventing large-scale catastrophes.

The Solar Powered mobile purification units are a first world solution to third world water crisis, these units provide clean and safe drinking water to those in need.
These Solar Powered UV water purifiers have been designed for both immediate use and ongoing service in the developed countries they call it Plug & Play right out of the box. 

Simple to operate and very reliable, the Solar Powered UV water purifier is designed to operate under extreme conditions, it requires little or no maintenance. Yet it can provide a continuous supply of safe drinking water within minutes of arrival. The versatile, self-sustaining design functions reliably and repeatedly in the most difficult water conditions in both remote and urban locations.
This innovative and highly effective mobile purification system can be moved among multiple sites to provide drinking water to several areas while using solar energy which is in abundance in the sub-Saharan African regions.

Mobile Diagnostics Laboratory

In order to make quick and accurate diagnosis of Infectious diseases,Hematology and Biochemistry Assays, in villages and remote areas where healthcare is non-existent, Lifeline Africa™ decided to make the funding count to the last penny by buying used Ambulances, stripping them down and customizing them completely into mobile labs (see Image). The next thing was to source a diagnostic system which would revolutionize the diagnostic 

capabilities of a mobile lab as a point of testing in rural areas. This could only be possible if the diagnostic system could use capillary blood samples, is simple and quick to process ideally within minutes, it had to be a non-invasive procedure, it was ideal for pediatric diagnostics, did not require regular maintenance or servicing, did not use liquid reagents, did not produce any bio-hazardous waste and it had minimum start up and shut down times. 

Most of all it should be Solar Powered or can run on DC power. We were successful in finding such a diagnostic system and retrofitting the mobile lab with the state of the art equipment.  

This is the world’s only health screening package based around dry reagent technology, eliminating many of the issues faced by clinicians in some of the world’s harshest environments. Traditional haematology and biochemistry analysers use liquid reagents to test the patients sample; none of the analysers in the our Diagnostic System use liquid reagents, therefore eliminating issues relating to storage space, bio-hazardous waste and spillages. A true first world solution for third world countries.