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Transforming Lives | Creating Opportunities

People bring about change

Each year, Lifeline Africa™ transforms lives and creates opportunities in developing countries, in particular Tanzania. All of this is accomplished by volunteers: national volunteers, who work within their own communities; youth volunteers, who come together across cultures to work on community projects, and international volunteers, who work in their area of professional expertise.

As ever, the statistics don’t tell the whole story but volunteering is a two way street, it changes the lives of both the volunteer and the community they help transform. Volunteering can be enormously rewarding on many different levels; from the positive feeling when you have made a difference to someone's life, to the development of a CV that stands you out from the crowd.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are some of the personal career benefits volunteers have told us they have experienced. 

I've gained new skills including chairing meetings and engaging in formal dialogue with senior leaders. (midwife)

Volunteering has given me a completely different breadth of experience and will help me change my career path into teacher training. (teacher)

It’s been invaluable for my training; I’ve seen complications I wouldn’t often see in the UK which counts for so much more than I would learn from a year at home. (obstetrician)

"Working together with a team of nurses, we managed to resuscitate a young child - when you see such strong teamwork, and the child comes out OK, it really is hugely rewarding." (paediatrician)

"The thrill of teaching student midwives who will go on to play a direct role in saving lives makes it all worthwhile." (midwife)

"I came back to my primary school in Scotland and took on a greater leadership and management role." (teacher)

For Volunteering opportunities both locally and abroad, and to receive a free folder, please email us through the contact page and one of our volunteers will call you back.