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One Person who has seen and experienced poverty first hand in a third world country comes up with a single goal and a single intent, an idea is born. That very idea gave birth to Lifeline Africa™.

Armed with Relentless passion, the ability to surround himself with the best volunteers and most importantly the desire to change the world. He had a vision and a set of values that enabled Lifeline Africa™ to come to fruition.

The overwhelming statistics dictated that the first thing Lifeline Africa™ had to do was to try and make a difference when it comes to the dire clean drinking water situation in third world countries, the idea was not to do what everyone else does, but to do something different, so the decision was made to use already available energy in the third world countries, amalgamate it with already developed first world technologies, simplify them to work for the third world, make them maintenance free and use them for applications to alleviate the crisis.

The next idea was to ensure that instead of developing high-tech systems to make people dependent on industry and centralized supply systems, to have a modular solar power plants which can largely be built locally. To have technology with the potential to secure energy self-sufficiency for villages in the sun-rich areas of the world

This approach to solar energy would extend conventional paradigms. Its simple elegance would be the result of a different way of thinking in which humans are a part of a whole and healthy world in which cooperation becomes more rewarding than competition. Instead of energy monopolies, the idea is to enable regional autonomy in energy and food supply. In this way the land can be cared for, and workplaces can be created so that life can return to the villages, both near and far. This is the thought behind the 'Village of Light' a Solar powered village which is independent, autonomous and self reliant.

This concept comes to fruition with the aim that every human being should be able to live with dignity without having to worry about their very basic rights.